to success

Every day, DPL Transport’s modern fleet travels on Polish and European roads, successfully delivering our clients’ orders.



to success

Every day, DPL Transport’s modern fleet travels on Polish and European roads, successfully delivering our clients’ orders. As Poland’s economy has developed, so has the demand for professional transportation and freight forwarding services. We have set clear objectives for ourselves on this market: to move with our clients, to anticipate our client’s needs, and to always be in front when it comes to innovative solutions. The standards and equipment seen in our fleet put us at the forefront of European transportations companies. As part of our sustainable development strategy, we have just finished the first stage of development of our new transportation base located just off the Goleniowski Industrial Park highway, and we have opened a new company office.

The highest quality European standards

We started as a family business, so we know the importance of close cooperation between our divisions. The fast and efficient exchange of information is as important to us as the exemplary and uninterrupted delivery of goods. Based on best practices developed in the West, we have developed a number of standards and systems to ensure the highest levels of customer service. We operate in a proactive manner, respecting the precious time of our clients. We acquire the necessary information, and we try to anticipate and prevent problems before they occur. We always protect the interests of our clients, and all orders are subject to strict trade confidentiality.

Dependable and reliable partner

Safety and transparent rules of cooperation with our clients: this is what distinguishes us from others. With our clients’ best interests in mind, we have increased the amount of our liability insurance to EUR 1,000,000. We also hold the prestigious certificate of business credibility published by Dun & Bradstreet.

Please see Certyficate Of Business Credibility CWB >>

Long-distance collaboration

The great advantage held by DPL Transport is that we have refrigerated trailers that meet the highest European standards. We provide a warranty of efficient and safe transport for any goods requiring special conditions during transportation. Just as our vehicles cover long distances, we also envision the cooperation we have with our clients as a long-distance journey together. In focusing on long-term relationships, we never hesitate to invest in a modern and diversified fleet of tractors and trailers.

Our company operates a modern and extensive transportation fleet, enabling the transport
of both standard and voluminous cargo.

We specialize in the transportation of goods using trailers equipped with the latest generation of cooling systems, thus enabling the transport of goods in a constant, controlled temperature. We also have tarpaulin semi-trailers as well as other specialized and dedicated transport solutions for the delivery of even the most unusual goods. Our fleet travels on the roads of the European Union, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia. We have facilities that allow our clients to minimize costs and optimize transport.

Temperature under control

Our refrigerated trailers are equipped with reliable Thermo King refrigerator units. They provide for complete security and the uninterrupted transport of goods. A special tracking system provides for the remote control of cargo according to temperature specifications. For each refrigerated trailer, our clients have the ability to monitor the temperature and the position of the cargo. The data is updated every 5 minutes. Our system guarantees you that the quality of products during transport will remain at the highest level.

For years we have been on the road to perfection

In cooperation with our clients, we focus on flexibility. This is why we are able to successfully implement one-time, short order, and long-term logistics projects. We always try to offer our clients competitive pricing with the highest quality of service. Our modern and efficient infrastructure, as well as our experience gained over many years of business operations, helps in fulfilling this goal.


the Euro 5 / 6 emission standard

We are constantly working to expand and modernize our fleet so that our equipment is able to meet the highest demands of the modern market.

  • Tarpaulin semi-trailers 13.6 m,
  • Tarpaulin semi-trailers 13.6 m, MEGA (3 m high)
  • Coil mulde semi-trailers,
zobacz tabor
  • Refrigerated semi-trailers with a capacity of 33 euro pallets
  • Refrigerated semi-trailers with a Double Deck system with a capacity of 66 euro pallets
zobacz tabor
  • Trucks up to 3.5 tons
zobacz tabor
  • Vehicles for the carriage of dangerous goods (ADR)
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DPL Transport Spedition


Łozienica, ul. Nowa 11 A,
72-100 Goleniów

tel.: +48 91 443 12 10-17
fax: +48 91 443 12 13

Marek Głowacki
tel.: +48 91 443 12 10
m: + 48 722 205 050

Jarosław Klaus
tel.: +48 91 443 12 16
m: + 48 515 258 510

Marta Bejtlich
tel.: +48 91 443 12 14
m: + 48 605 252 322

Jolanta Głowacka
tel.: +48 91 443 12 17
m: + 48 515 258 509

Ewelina Wybrzak
tel.: +48 91 881 24 70
m: + 48 669 503 080

Edyta Stańczyk
tel.: +48 91 443 12 12
m: + 48 723 106 050

Edyta Kuchciak
tel.: +48 91 443 12 15
m: + 48 725 102 060



Mega trailer

Mega trailer – open

Multilock 1/2

Multilock 2/2

Tarpaulin roof pos. 0

Tarpaulin roof pos. 1

Max height

Certificate XL


Thermo trailer

Thermo trailer front

Thermo trailer back

Doubledeck 66 Pal.

Thermo trailer safety bars


ATP certyficate




ADR Orange plate


ADR lights

ADR night lock

ADR cables